The essential mission of the Rwanda National Commission for UNESCO (RNCU) is to integrate several national partners in the activities of the UNESCO. In the course of the two-year-period 2008-2009, the focal points of the program of cultures have been:

- the promotion of the diversity of cultures by the protection of the cultural heritage, both material and immaterial;

- the development of cultural expressions;

- the promotion of social cohesion by encouraging the purality and the dialog of cultures;

- to create a culture of peace;

The program of social and human sciences considers the following priorities:

- ethics of science and technology: especially bioethics;

- the promotion of human rights and the campaign against every occurence of discrimination, racism, xenophobia and intolerance, which is coming along therewith;

- the futurology, the philosophy, the democracy and the strengtening of social security;

- guidance of social transformations.

Limited by moderate means the department of culture, social and human sciences of RNCU however contributes to this extensive program by the following activities. In the domain of culture it takes charge of the protection and the promotion of cultural heritage, handcraft and design. In the domain of social and human sciences, the main activities are related to the genre, the campaign against stigmatisation and discrimination, philosophy, the culture of peace and the guidance of social transformations.

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